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Who We Are

The Mulherin Home provides services to individuals in Mobile, Washington, and Clarke counties of Alabama. The basis of Mulherin’s service is 24 hour/day- 365 days/year residential care. Physical needs are met through assistance with ADLs, nutrition and weight monitoring, skin care, medication administration, and mobility assistance.  Mental needs are met by a genuine interest being placed on the likes/dislikes and needs specific to each resident.  Social needs are met through the creation of a “family.”  Mulherin staff listens to what the residents have to say, whether said through spoken words, or not.  Additionally, transportation is provided to 18 individuals to and from their day programs and many residents are also able to participate in community outings, bowling leagues, square dancing groups, parties, and visits from the community. Spiritual needs are met by taking those residents who desire to a weekly church service where they are involved in Sunday school and choir activities.

United Way Partner Agency 

What We Do

Mulherin Custodial Home, founded in 1952 by Doctor Hugh Mulherin, is a 501(c) (3) organization, and a United Way agency. Our mission is to provide 24-hour custodial care for individuals with mental and physical disabilities, in a home-like atmosphere with emphasis on quality of life.